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What we stand for

Centrik Apparel stands for being who you are and doing what you love no matter what it is. Our brand wants people to love the life they live, go through life with no regrets and express themselves more than ever. Centrik started in 2022 when Lloyd Bryant decided to do something different and do something that everyone can relate to and that's doing whatever makes you happy. The brand plays a massive role in making people proud of what they do. Centrik stands for mental health and understands that life is tough and us as a collective stand for mental health and wellbeing. 


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Do you provide refunds?

Yes, we do offer refunds with our refund policy. However you can only refund your item 7 days after your item has been ordered.

Are your products high quality?

Yes, our products are made in the UK and are cruilty free. We produce top quality products for our customers and we are proud to continue to do so

Can I access upcoming products

You can access our upcoming products 1 week before the initial realese date

How can I contact?

You can contact by clicking "contact" on the top of our website on the menu bar

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